Webdesign Mika Salonen is now Resulttia Software.

Resulttia Software — software with passion

Resulttia Software is a part of Resulttia Solutions (formerly known as Webdesign Mika Salonen) which is an Internet software company specialized in software development, result service systems, and web design services. We started our operations in Finland in 1998, and since then our business has become international.

Nowadays Resulttia Software's Windows-based products are known for their high quality and performance, great user interface, and ease of use. The programs are so tiny that it is hard to believe.

In addition, no installation is required when using our software. Just download a free, fully functional trial version and give a try!

Remove, version 4.1 (01 Jul 2010)  

A full-featured uninstaller for removing applications and entries from the Windows Add/Remove Programs list in the Control Panel. Remove highlights all phantom program entries in red and lets you remove, modify, and backup obsolete and other program entries. You can uninstall both shown and hidden software and remove hidden program entries as well.

Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7

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14 Jan 2019

Our new postal address on 01 October 2018

Resulttia Software's postal address has been changed in the beginning of October 2018. We have updated our website and our postal address.

30 Jul 2015

Resulttia Software co-operates with WebTech Hosts

WebTech Hosts provides premium web hosting solutions, VPS (Virtual Private Servers), Windows VPS hosting, Linux VPS hosting, dedicated servers, domains, and SSL certificates. For more information, please visit the website at www.webtechhosts.com.au.

01 Jan 2015

New year and our new postal address...

We at Resulttia Software have moved to an another location. In other words, our postal address has been changed.

21 Dec 2012

Merry Christmas from a beautiful Finland!

Christmas is coming. We at Resulttia Software would like to wish happy holidays to all our customers and affiliates around the world. We are having a very beautiful winter here in Finland, Europe.

01 Feb 2012

New postal address in the beginning of February

Please note that the postal address of Resulttia Software has been changed on 01 February 2012.

23 Dec 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

We at Resulttia Software would like to wish happy holidays to all our customers and affiliates around the world.

01 Nov 2011

New postal address of Resulttia Software

Resulttia Software has moved to an another location in Tampere, Finland. Our postal address has been changed as from the 01 October 2011.

11 Aug 2010

Resulttia Software's new website is online!

We at Resulttia Software have published our new website at www.resulttia.com. Please feel free to take a closer look at our Windows-based software products.

01 Jul 2010

Remove v4.1 is available for download!

Remove, a fast uninstaller for Microsoft Windows, was updated on 01 July 2010. The new version has a bug fix and minor improvements.

Remove v4.1 will run on Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7.

01 Nov 2009

Webdesign Mika Salonen is Resulttia Software

Our company has been renamed from Webdesign Mika Salonen to Resulttia Software. Resulttia Software is a part of Resulttia Solutions.

Resulttia Solutions was founded in 1998. Nowadays it is known for high quality web design services and state-of-the-art result service systems for teams, clubs, and leagues. Resulttia Solutions also supplies many kinds of ready-made tools and programs for website updating, maintenance, and content management.

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